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Bathroom, Kitchen and laundry spaces have to be designed and planned in detail. These rooms see a lot of wear and tear as they are high use and high traffic areas in any home. In addition, they have to withstand moisture, water and steam; kitchens have to deal with grease and cooking fumes as well. Its also why most people prefer to opt for tiles on the wall and floors of these spaces, which is definitely a smart choice. However, its important that the entire bathroom or kitchen floor be waterproofed well first. This becomes the base on which the tiles will be installed.

When is waterproofing required?

Waterproofing in Sydney prevents any water from leaking into the ground slab underneath the tiles. In case the bathrooms are on upper floors, the right kind of waterproofing can prevent water seepage into the lower floor ceilings and walls of the house. We at Precision Bathroom Renovations are one of the leading operators in this space. We have over 20 years of experience in this industry and have handled a large number of waterproofing in Sydney projects for residential customers across the region. In most instances, this is part of a larger bathroom or kitchen renovation project. However, there are times when customers face issues with water seepage from the bathrooms, into the other rooms in the house. In this case, waterproofing and the tiling installation for that space become a standalone project.