Stunning Small Bathroom Design on A Budget in Sydney

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Blog

A small bathroom can always sound boring and make your daily routines less glamorous for you. They don’t look or feel efficient anymore. A spacious bathroom and a wide bathtub are everyone’s dream. If you are planning to call your broker and find a new place for yourself, then give it a second thought. Instead of changing your place, you can plan on renovating your existing bathroom. Many budget-friendly decorating ideas can show a lot of difference. Even a small space can look bigger and spacious with the help of budget bathroom renovation experts.

So, here are some ideas for budget bathroom renovations in Sydney:

  • Just what you need:

You should add what you need in your bathroom. Many people tend to add too many things to the bathroom. Too many things in a small bathroom mean too little space for you to move around. As you are not going to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, just add what you need in your bathroom and nothing else.

  • Choose small fixtures:

When space is less, you need to use certain designs and trick to maximise your area. You need to choose fixtures of small size, rather than going with the standard size fixture. For example, you can go for a small sink or a small bathtub. Also, freestanding storage or cupboards will occupy a lot of space on the floor. So, go for wall mounting cupboards. Keep them floating and use the space for other things.

  • A big mirror:

Another good idea for budget bathroom remodeling is adding a big mirror to the small bathroom. Yes, you can renovate and add a mirror to the entire wall on one side of the bath. There cannot be any better way than adding a mirror to create an illusion. Your small bathroom will look spacious in a basic way. But again, remember not to add too many mirrors in the bathroom.

  • Select suitable color tiles:

One of the best ways to create an illusion of space is to play with colors. Yes, choosing a single color for the entire bathroom is a great choice, and if you can choose a dark color, then it can be helpful.

  • Add good lighting:

Most of us concentrate on the colors of the walls and titles, and we always miss the lighting factor. Colors can add good looks to the bathroom, but its effect will be enhanced when you are adding the right amount of lighting to the bathroom.

  • Shower doors:

It is always good to choose glass shower doors instead of other options available in the present market. You can remove the door concept completely and go for shower curtains instead. This will add more space for you in the bathroom. You can tuck them to one corner when you are not using the shower.

  • Get creative:

You can make use of some old paintings or small plants to decorate the space. Small space may not be right for real plants, but you can use some artificial plants that look more like real ones. They can add beauty to your small space.

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