Top Trends to Consider for Your Laundry Renovation

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Blog

Laundries are not just for the dirty clothes that you have to do in your homes, but more than that. Renovation services can convert dull spaces to spacious and bright laundry rooms to do your laundry appropriately. With lots of laundry renovations happening everywhere, you might be interested in knowing the cool trends to try at your homes. The laundry rooms should be clean and beautiful because that is also a significant part of your home.

Top trends to use in your laundry rooms

  • Use your spare bathroom as part of your laundry room

If you have an extra bathroom in your home, then why not use it as the laundry room? As your spare bathroom has a toilet and laundry sink that you can use as a double basin. This trend increases the value of your home, and your bathroom starts looking big and pretty. And, if you have space, having the shower in the bathroom is always great.

  • Hide your dirty clothes in the laundry room

Laundry renovations are mighty because you can hide your dirty clothes out there. No one can see your dirty clothes in the beautiful space that you are creating. Further, you can install cabinets and drawers in your laundry room to keep your clothes away for washing. You can open the cupboard whenever you want and clean your clothes. You can keep separate hampers in your laundry room to keep your regular and gym clothes separate.

  • Keep space for your pets

Many people these days plan laundry renovations incorporating pets in their designs. You can’t keep on seeing your pets all the time. Some favourites you can try:

1. Keep a section of the laundry for housing the dog bed and a little place for hanging the leads.

2. The pull-out drawers should keep water and food bowls ready for the pets whenever they are hungry. And, when the bowls are not required, you can keep it away in the drawers.

3. You can keep the washing station in the sink lower the washbasin.

  • Put additional spaces in the awkward place

In the laundry room, do you have a small corner or place that is not in use? It is the place where you can’t fit any cupboard, and it remains useless. You can even use that place by putting in additional small boxes to cover the area. You can use that area by hanging hooks or even towel trails for the hanging of school bags, ironed shirts, or even hang coats. The spaces might be awkward, but each awkward space has a purpose.

  • Put a clothing trail in the laundry

If you have space in your laundry, you can put the clothing trail in it as well. These come out as lifesavers for drying clothes on the coat hangers. If you are hanging clothes directly on the hangers, you are cutting on the ironing time, and your clothes also get protection from the sun. These are other laundry renovations ideas that people are adopting most.

  • Having large butler sinks

Having large butler sinks is one of the biggest trends coming out in the market today. The apron sink is one of the best white butlers sinks that is traditionally used in so many parts of the world. These sinks look gorgeous but also used practically for washing of clothes in the large single bowl size. Also, the best part is you can wash your toddler or dogs in the large sinks.


These are some of the latest laundry renovation trends that can make any home look appealing. Precision Bathroom Renovations help in giving the best laundry renovation services in Sydney that fits all home sizes.